Scope and Status of the Registry Implementation

This version of registry is a prototype, which aims to verify overall concept for future complex solution.

The table bellow provides features of different version of registry.

Aspect current version next version1
Maintainer NDIC NDIC
Version 1.0 2.0
Regime production - simple version production - complex version
Language versions Czech, English Czech, English
Regional coverage Czechia Czechia
Providers NDIC NDIC and others
Format types DDR2, DATEX II DDR2, DATEX II and possible other formats
Registration3 manual semi-automatic

  1. Features of next version might change. 

  2. DDR is a current format called Data Distribution interface, which is based on XML and event description using ALERT-C codes. 

  3. New provider registration, adding of new data sources, subscriber registration ...