Types of information in Register

The purpose of register is to provide complete information for traffic information data subscription including implementation of data access and import.

[TOC] The following picture shows the key components of information in Register.

Information in register are structured in such way so unnecessary redundancy would be minimized and repeated use of formats, protocols, whole types of traffic information sources and subscription processes would be possible.

Format specifications

Format specification includes:

  • Description of format purpose and it's general concept.
  • Data samples
  • Schemes (W3C XML scheme, JSON scheme etc.)

Format specification should be sufficient for subscriber to implement data import into it's own information system.

Protocol specifications

Protocol specification clearly states technical aspects of data transfer to subscriber. This specification should be fully sufficient for data access implementation.

Specification of source type of traffic information

More sources can share used formats and protocols, but at the same time concrete parameters may differ (coverage, url of access point, frequency of update, provider etc.).

That's the reason why type of traffic information source is introduced. It contains variable features and describes them using formal parameters.

Formats and protocols used together can be uniformly described at one place, or create a reference to actual values of formal parameters.

Specification of traffic information source type states mainly: - textual description of provided information and their basic concept - refers to one or more usable formats (one source can for example request one format for description of measurement locations and second for provision of actual measured values). - refers to one or more used protocols - states set of formal parameters, which are necessary for description of concrete source of traffic information to be expressed by a value

Specification of the process of subscribing

Process of subscribing describes steps necessary to subscribe for traffic information data access.

This process can refer to concrete persons, resulting from context of given traffic information data source such as access points, subscription administrator, or responsible administrator of provider.

Subscription process is specific for each provider.

Specification of concrete source of traffic information

Complete specification of traffic information source states: - link to the concrete type of traffic information source - actual values of type parameters for traffic information source - state of implementation of given source, for example if it is currently in testing or production mode, when changes of implementation can be expected etc. - identity of provider - optionally link to the source administrator of traffic information - link to the subscription process