Sources of traffic information and involved parties

The process of traffic information exchange includes number of systems, participants and processes, which are described further, for better understanding of context of traffic information Register.

Sources and their access points

Traffic information source describes certain type of traffic information, for example: accidents, closures, data from weather units etc. and is available for subscription.

Those information are provided through access points, which is usually an url, to which subscriber can send a HTTP request and get requested information in response. It could also be a system, which actively dispatches data to subscriber url (PUSH).

Provider and his representatives

One or more of traffic information sources and related access points are operated by a concrete traffic information provider

Every traffic information source can be administrated by traffic information source administrator, with whom the subscription is set-up and technical problems are sorted out if necessary. Potential problems can be also solved with responsible administrator of provider.

Systems and parties involved in the traffic information distribution

National Register of traffic information (this web)

National register of traffic information provides information necessary for subscription to access traffic information. It's a list of providers and their traffic information sources including technical description of format, exchange protocols and information about process of subscribing.


Subscriber representative would find necessary information in register and use them to:

  • Evaluate suitability of concrete traffic information source.
  • Subscribing to access traffic information.
  • Implementation of traffic information data access..
  • Implementation of import of accepted information to own IT system.