List of Formats1

Name uri
DDR XML - Common Traffic Information and Traffic Statuses x-format:cz-ndic_ddr-common-v3.2.5
DDR XML - Winter Driving Condition x-format:cz-ndic_ddr-winter-v3.2.5
DATEX II Situation Publication - Common x-format:cz-ndic_d2-common-v1.1
DATEX II Situation Publication - Restrictions x-format:cz-ndic_d2-restrictions-v1.1
DATEX II Situation Publication - Weather x-format:cz-ndic_d2-weather-v1.1
DATEX II Elaborated Data Publication - Traffic Status x-format:cz-ndic_d2-traffic-status-v1.1
DATEX II Elaborated Data - Travel Time x-format:cz-ndic_d2-travel-time-v1.1
DATEX II Elaborated Data - FCD Data x-format:cz-ndic_d2-fcd-v1.0
DATEX II Predefined Location Publication - Predefined Location Set x-format:cz-ndic_d2-predefined-location-set-v1.1
ALERT-C Location Tables x-format:cz-ndic_location-tables-v1.0

  1. Format defines certain data structures. Schemes can be used for description, data samples and related description. Format doesn't describe method of data exchange.