Format: DDR XML - Winter Driving Condition


Format of data distribution interface (DDR) of NDIC used for winter driving condition information service.

Publication of Format Specification

This documentation bellow serve consumer to allow evaluation of format suitability and for possible implementation of importing data from received XML files into own information system.

Here you can find:

  • conceptual description of published information
  • information about location referencing methods used
  • W3C XML schema of the format
  • data sample(s) - in the zip file
Format Language File
html cs cz-ndic_ddr-winter-v3.2.5-cs-html/index.html
html en cz-ndic_ddr-winter-v3.2.5-en-html/index.html
pdf cs cz-ndic_ddr-winter-v3.2.5-cs.pdf
pdf en cz-ndic_ddr-winter-v3.2.5-en.pdf
zip en