Source type: DATEX II Elaborated Data Publication - Traffic Status

uri x-sourcetype:cz-ndic_d2-traffic-status_push

Traffic status on predefined set of locations, pushed on occurence, in a traffic status profile of DATEX II format.

Source type describes general features of possible source, but is not the source itself. For collection of traffic information must be used a source, which is using given source type.

Formal parameters

Formal parameters of source type define types of features, not their values. Values are assigned to parameters by the information source, which would refer to this source type.

Name Type Example Description
Region string CZ Name of region of coverage

Used formats

Name uri
DATEX II Elaborated Data Publication - Traffic Status x-format:cz-ndic_d2-traffic-status-v1.0

Used protocols

Name uri
HTTP PUSH on change occurence x-protocol:cz-ndic_push-v1.0