Czech National Traffic Information Registry

National registry of traffic information ("registry") is an integral part of implementation of the National access point as required by European Commission Delegated Regulations1 of the "ITS Directive" 2010/40/EU.

These regulations require the individual EU Member States to establish and operate an information service (National Access Point) for all relevant traffic information provided2 within their territory.

Concept of the Registry

The National access point is implemented as Registry (this page) and distribution interfaces of individual providers (where the data are subscribed to).

Systems and roles involved in traffic information distribution

National registry of traffic information ("registry") is an information source for local and foreign organisations interested in traffic data subscription. It contains mainly overview of traffic information sources and their providers including the technical description of the formats and protocols and information about subscription process.

The registry contains this information for subscribers:

  • List of sources of traffic information available for subscription, with all required information about the source;
  • List of providers of traffic information;
  • Instructions how to make a subscription (per source).

Following links might help for better understanding of context:

  1. It entails Commission Regulation no. 886/2013 „provision of safety related traffic information“, Commission Regulation no. 885/2013 „provision of parking information for safe and secure truck parking“ and Commission Regulation no. 2015/962 „provision of real time traffic information“ 

  2. Mandatory only traffic information listed in Commission Regulations.