General Information about the National Traffic Information Registry

What is National registry of traffic information?

National registry of traffic information ("registry") is an information service for local and foreign interested parties which provides a platform for information about available traffic information sources and subscription to such sources.

The Registry is created to fulfil requirement for National access point requested by the Commission delegated regulation no. 886/20131 and later regulations. It was decided to separate information about available traffic information (this registry) from actual data distribution interfaces, which are implemented independently.

What's the Current Implementation Status?

Current version of registry is described at Scope and state of registry implementation

Subscription to Traffic Information

How Much Does Subscription Cost?

Traffic information related to the traffic safety are provided free of charge.

Traffic information sources provided by NTIC are provided free of charge. Sources of private providers may be, however charged for. More information can be found in section "Subscription process" for every source.

How to Subscribe to a Specific Traffic Information Source?

Find a specific source of information and read section "Subscription process", where you can find instructions.

Where Can I Find Technical Information for Traffic Information Subscription?

For given source find:

  • used formats
  • used protocols

Formats and protocols provide links to detailed specifications in pdf in Czech and English, including schemas and samples.

Sources, Formats, Protocols

What is the Traffic Information Source?

Source is a specific service providing traffic information available for subscription.

Source is determined by specific format a protocol used (in specific version) and specific source related parameters, such as area of coverage.

Read more Types of information in registry

How are Formats described?

Every format has a mandatory sets of meta-data:

  • uri
  • name
  • short description
  • list of provided publications (combination of format and language)

Detailed information is included in a specific publication, which should contain:

  • concept description
  • schema
  • data samples

Cooperation in Traffic Information Provision

I Want to Register as a Traffic Information provider, What Should I Do?

The question, of procedures for registration of any additional traffic information providers is in the state of discussions. Contact the administrator of this registry and express your interest in being traffic information provider and to be listed in registry.

  1. Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) n. 886/2013 of 15 May 2013 supplementing Directive 2010/40/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to data and procedures for the provision, where possible, of road safety-related minimum universal traffic information free of charge to users.