Registration of a new data source and provider

According to the Road Act p. 39a, ITS service providers are obliged to use only parts of the intelligent transport system compliant with the specifications laid down by the European Commission and published in the Official Journal of the European Union, see ITS Directive 2010/40/EU, and to provide ITS services in a manner consistent with these specifications.

These requirements also include publication of the provided data / services metadata in the national access point (i.e. in this register).

Description of the registration process

To register a data source / service, it is necessary to fill in a dataset registration form and, together with other mandatory files, send it by email to the NAP operator at Please proceed as follows:

  • download the blank dataset registration form, fill it in according to the instructions in the form. Detailed instructions for individual items, created by the EU-EIP project, is available here
  • fill in the dataset registration form (at least all mandatory fields) in at least one language version (cz/en)
  • attach mandatory and optional files
    • a declaration of conformity of the data source, if the given source falls into the appropriate category, with the requirements of the ITS Directive. The declaration can be found again on the [EU-EIP project]( website, and locally here Safety Related Traffic Information Services, Real Time Traffic Information Services, Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas
    • samples and schema for verifying the source
    • a license agreement for the use of the data source, if required, and a description of how the data is provided.
    • optionally, if any, extended documentation of the data source and documents proving the quality description.
  • send the above to the address, after their processing, the employees of the register will contact you and arrange other possible details.
  • after clarifying all the details, the data provided by you will be published in the NAP.

For each service / data source provided, it is necessary to supply separate documentation (according to the content above).

Files for download

Description File
Metadata form metadata-form-nap-cz.xlsx
Metadata description (EU-EIP) EU-EIP_Coord.MetadataCatalogue_v2.0_191115.pdf
Statement of conformance with SRTI Act
Statement of conformance with RTTI Act
Statement of conformance with SSTP Act ModelDeclarationofCompliancePriorityActionE_(truck_parking).zip