Scope of the Registry and Implementation History

Registry of traffic information (NAP) is governed by ŘSD ČR. Lists sources of traffic information provided within Czech territory mainly by NTIC. Registration of a new source in manual.

Last meta data version 2023-03-13
Languages of registry cs en

The table bellow summarizes key changes of different versions of the Registry.

Version Date Type1 Description
1.14 2023-03-13 C+S Adding of RDS-TMC broadcast documentation as a separate source under the NDIC sources; addition of documentation to D2 FCD v2 (x-source:cz-ndic_d2-fcd-v2); addition of patterns for a number of sources.
1.13 2023-03-09 C Adding of DDR FCD v2 (x-source:cz-ndic_ddr-fcd-v2), new declaration of compliance and small interface changes.
1.12 2022-09-27 C Adding of LOD - Road Safety Related Traffic Information resource using SPARQL (x-source:en-ndic_lod-srti-sparql) providing SRTI in the form of linked open data.
1.11 2022-02-22 C Adding NDIC FCD data source v2 (DATEX II and DDR) providing fcd information separately by the vehicle type (lorry, car).
1.10 2022-02-21 C Update of protocols for NDIC data sources to match the newly deployed provisioning methods (PULL and PUSH) as part of the commissioning of the subscription registry.
1.9 2022-02-11 C Addition dynamic snapshot sources (x-source:cz-ndic_d2-common-pull, x-source:cz-ndic_ddr-common-pull), new protocol (x-protocol:cz-ndic_pull-v1.1), new static sources for existing dynamic sources (x-source:cz-ndic_d2-pls-weather, x-source:cz-ndic_d2-pls-traffic-status, x-source:cz-ndic_d2-pls-traffic-status, x-source:cz-ndic_d2-pls-fcd), update of existing dynamic sources for actual static sets used, removing obsolete sources (cz-ndic_d2-predefined-location-set and cz-ndic_d2-travel-time).
1.8 2022-02-10 C+S Addition of sources for publication of intelligent truck parking (formerly published by European data portal). Adding the possibility of more APIs per source and last update of the dataset.
1.7 2022-02-01 C+S Addition of sources for publication of variable message signs (static and dynamic) and addition of metadata with data model specification, shortening of long names of DATEX II data sources.
1.6.3 2021-09-23 C Update of terminology with regards to TMC Location Table, including licence conditions.
1.6.2 2021-08-08 C Update of licence conditions for NDIC and status of NDIC access point.
1.6.1 2021-06-09 C Change of uri for TMC Location Table.
1.6 2021-01-29 C Addition of conditions for new data source and provider registration at NAP.
1.5 2020-10-20 C Addition of the TMC location table source and update of subscription procedure.
1.4 2020-07-20 C+S Addition of General Registry metadata and source metadata according to a coordinated metadata catalogue SPA CMC 2019.
1.3 2020-07-15 C Publication of new terms of use for data from NDIC and contacts to registry administrator.
1.2 2017-07-13 S Creation of dynamic to static resources linkage. Simplification of source visualization, removal of formats and protocols from the left menu.
1.1 2017-07-05 C Addition of TMC location table and FCD resource.
1.0 2015-06-15 C+S First implementation of the Register with the NDIC sources

  1. C = content change, S = structural change.