Protocol: SPARQL service interface

In order to perform queries it is necessary to know the SPARQL language, defined by the W3C here.

To facilitate queries it is advisable to know used ontology:

Detailed documentation of the SPARQL interface is at

General parameters

Parameter 1 Value
uri x-protocol:cz-ndic_sparql-v1.0
status version: v1.0, date: 2021-07-01
interface HTTP/HTTPS
communication method SPARQL

Publication of Protocol Documentation

The documentation below contains a conceptual description of the method of publication, including a description of the implementation and an example.

Type Language File
pdf cs cz-ndic_sparql-v1.0-cs.pdf
pdf en cz-ndic_sparql-v1.0-en.pdf

  1. Classification corresponds to the Coordinated Metadata Catalogue CMC as defined by the EU-EIP project.