Source: DATEX II - Traffic Status

Traffic status, provided by NDIC for the whole Czechia, pushed on occurrence, in a traffic status profile of DATEX II format. Location references are pointing to DATEX II predefined location set.

General Parameters

Parameter Value
uri x-source:cz-ndic_d2-traffic-status
provider NDIC
status production 1, publication start: 2018-01-01
licence 2 Contract and Free of charge
subscription process Traffic Data Free Subscription
used pattern 3 Traffic Status extended profile (czech only)


Parameter 2 Value
resource type data set
category Real-time traffic data
detailed type  Traffic volume
data set language cs
Parameter Value
related data sources DATEX II - Traffic Status (predefined locations); uri:x-source:cz-ndic_d2-pls-traffic-status


Parameter 2 Value
area CZ0
network Motorways Arterial road network Regional roads Urban and local roads
transport modes car truck motorcycle bus

Access, used formats and protocols

Parameter Value
access / API
note Data portal od RSD for data subscription to a specific data sources.
status in operation (from 2021/07/01)

Formats and Protocols

Parameter Value
format DATEX II Elaborated Data Publication - Traffic Status, uri:x-format:cz-ndic_d2-traffic-status-v1.1
protocol HTTP PUSH on Change occurrence, uri:x-protocol:cz-ndic_push-v1.1

Quality information

Parameter 2 Value
update frequency up to 5min
quality assesment internal control mechanism and cross validation
related EC Regulations and conformance docs rtti

  1. From 1/2018 in production mode, from 1/2022 backwards compatible enhancement of delivery protocol. 

  2. Classification corresponds to the Coordinated Metadata Catalogue CMC as defined by the EU-EIP project. 

  3. Extended profile specifies source content (in detail) with the focus on reusable patterns (profile choices), that are described in a methodology here (czech only).