Source: DDR - Common Traffic Information

Common traffic information (accidents, closures, roadworks...), provided by NDIC for the whole Czechia, pushed on occurrence, in a DDR format for common traffic information.

General Parameters

Parameter Value
uri x-source:cz-ndic_ddr-common
provider NDIC
status production 1, publication start: 2005-01-01
licence 2 Contract and Free of charge
subscription process Traffic Data Free Subscription


Parameter 2 Value
resource type data set
category Road work Unexpected road events and conditions Real-time traffic data
detailed type  Long-term road works Short-term road works Accidents and incidents Poor road conditions Weather conditions affecting road surface and visibility Location and length of queues
data set language cs
Parameter Value
related data sources TMC Location Table v9.0; uri:x-source:cz-ndic_tmc-location-table-v9.0


Parameter 2 Value
area CZ0
network Motorways Arterial road network Regional roads Urban and local roads
transport modes car truck motorcycle bus

Access, used formats and protocols

Parameter Value
access / API
note Data portal od RSD for data subscription to a specific data sources.
status in operation (from 2021/07/01)

Formats and Protocols

Parameter Value
format DDR - Common Traffic Information and Traffic Statuses, uri:x-format:cz-ndic_ddr-common-v3.2.5
protocol HTTP PUSH on Change occurrence, uri:x-protocol:cz-ndic_push-v1.1

Quality information

Parameter 2 Value
update frequency On occurrence
quality assesment internal control mechanism and cross validation

  1. From 12/2021 change of TMC location table to 9.0, from 1/2022 backwards compatible enhancement of delivery protocol. 

  2. Classification corresponds to the Coordinated Metadata Catalogue CMC as defined by the EU-EIP project. 

  3. Extended profile specifies source content (in detail) with the focus on reusable patterns (profile choices), that are described in a methodology here (czech only).