Source: LOD - Safety-related road traffic information via SPARQL

Traffic information from the whole Czechia related to road safety according to the EC Regulation 2013/886 - SRTI. The data are a subset of the data source DATEX II - Common Traffic Information, transformed into an open data format and made available via SPARQL interface.

The SPARQL interface is a service that allows queries to be made on data stored in RDF using the SPARQL language. In this way, NAP DGT information can be accessed and transformed according to the principles of Linked Data, facilitating its reuse.

In order to perform queries it is necessary to know the SPARQL language, defined by the W3C here. Data (datasets) on roads, administrative units and incidents are available in the catalogue.

Created in the CEF project CEF 2018-EU-IA-0088 by TamTam Research. Detailed documentation of the source and the SPARQL interface is at

General Parameters

Parameter Value
uri x-source:cz-ndic_lod-srti-sparql
provider NTIC
status test run 1, publication start: 2022-07-01
licence 2 CC BY 4.0


Parameter 2 Value
resource type data set
category Road work Unexpected road events and conditions Real-time traffic data
detailed type  Long-term road works Short-term road works Accidents and incidents Poor road conditions Weather conditions affecting road surface and visibility
data set language cs


Parameter 2 Value
area CZ0
network Motorways Arterial road network
transport modes car truck motorcycle bus

Access, used formats and protocols

Parameter Value
access / API
note SAPRQL interface for querying of SRTI linked open data in a RDF format operated by TamTam Research.
status in operation

Formats and Protocols

Parameter Value
format RDF - Safety-related road traffic information, uri:x-format:cz-ndic_lod-srti-sparql-v1.0
protocol SPARQL service interface, uri:x-protocol:cz-ndic_sparql-v1.0

Quality information

Parameter 2 Value
update frequency On occurrence
quality assesment Data is converted from the DATEX II - Common Traffic Information source. All quality procedures of the original source apply.
related EC Regulations and conformance docs srti

  1. From 07/2022 in a test mode, from 09/2022 in production mode. 

  2. Classification corresponds to the Coordinated Metadata Catalogue CMC as defined by the EU-EIP project.